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Download complete OHLC datasets of historical end-of-day stock market quotes for over 62,100 securities, spanning every trading day since 1962.

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What is Market Archive?

Market Archive sells historical market data updated daily. We maintain a complete dataset spanning over 62,100 symbols dating back to 1962 in one simple and convenient downloadable package that is perfect for anyone who wants to analyze historical stock data (e.g. backtesting strategies) in Excel, R, or any other tool.

What's in the data?

The dataset is in CSV format and weighs in at over 4GB uncompressed. It consists of each day's high, low, open, close, and volume, dating back to 1962. It spans all major exchanges: AMEX, AMS, ASX, BRU, HKEX, INDEX, LIS, LSE, MLSE, NASDAQ, NYSE, NZX, OTCBB, PAR, SGX, TSX, TSXV, and USMF. We update the data every trading day within an hour of the market close.

Why Market Archive?

Simple: we're the cheapest option. At $23.99/month with a $34.99 signup fee, we're a fraction of the cost of any other complete historical stock data vendor. Access to everything, continually updated. Simple.

We are also busy adding new types of data all the time. Stay tuned!