About Market Archive

Market Archive is comprised of quantitative finance researchers and traders who have a deep interest in the mathematics and science of investing. Coming from diverse backgrounds in statistics, computer science, and engineering, we have always shared a strong appreciation of the value of applying Big Data to solving problems and dealing with uncertainty.

The Market Archive team believes that all investors should have affordable access to historical price data and allow investment decisions to be more data-driven. We ourselves had long been dissatisfied with existing solutions, which suffer from restricted accessibility (locked behind APIs, requiring individual downloads, not up-to-date, imposing proprietary client software) as well as being severely overpriced. There had to be a simple, no-BS, dirt-cheap, floodgates-opened alternative—someone had to throw a grenade into the financial data market.

To that end, Market Archive was created so that we could make available the data we use for our own research and trading—data that we spend considerable time and effort collecting, cleaning, and maintaining.

To contact the team, please email marketarchive@outlook.com. We're happy to answer any questions and listen to your feedback.